Hong Kong – March 2016

Hong Kong was a weird experience for me, I had been in China for about two weeks by the time I visited. I found it to be a strange mix of the familiar (my hotel was next to a Pret A Manger) and the unfamiliar.  It truly felt like I was in firefly, there was such a mix of Western and Chinese/Asian culture.  My language skills as minimal as they were didn’t help me, it was a different dialect and often Cantonese not Mandarin.   The people were always willing to help where they could which was nice and my bright pink hair was less weird here than in mainland China.  It felt calmer there, humid but calmer.

While there I visited the Tian Tan Buddha, it was breathtaking and well worth the amount of rain and silent hill level of fog I experienced.  My only regret was not walking down the mountain like I had originally planned however the fog was so thick it would have been a risk.


Tian Tansmall




mountains colour small

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